The J hawkins band

Midwest rock americana

In the heart of the North, where the mighty Great Lakes kiss the sky, a musical storm is brewing like never before. Meet The J Hawkins Band, a six-piece powerhouse of Southern Rock and Americana that's been sweeping through the Northwest Michigan area.

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Traverse City, Michigan, The J Hawkins Band are a sonic force of nature, with a sound that's as big as the lakes themselves. This electrifying ensemble combines the soulful twang of Southern Rock with the heartland storytelling of Americana, delivering a blend that's nothing short of electrifying. When they hit the stage, prepare for a musical journey that'll have you tapping your toes, stomping your feet, and hollering for more!

Fronted by the charismatic powerhouse vocalists, J and Danielle Hawkins, The J Hawkins Band boast a lineup of extraordinary talent that's as diverse as the Northern Michigan landscape. From the searing guitar licks of Mike Youker and the thunderous rhythm section of Damien Allen and Sean O’Brien, this band brings a fusion of skill, passion, and raw energy to every performance.

Their lyrics tell tales of life, both in good times and bad, from the tales of loss to the gritty tales of hardworking folks up North. Songs like "Beggin’ Please" and "When it Rains" are anthems of their sound, sung with a fire that could only come from The J Hawkins Band.

The J Hawkins Band don't just perform; they create an experience. Their electrifying live shows are a musical rollercoaster, where every note and every beat hit you right in the heart. From intimate venues to major festivals, their infectious energy is downright contagious, leaving crowds craving more and fans singing along for days.

So, no matter where you are from, The J Hawkins Band are the soundtrack to your adventure. Join the rebellion, stomp your feet, and let the Midwest spirit flow through you with the most exciting Southern Rock and Americana band the Great Lakes region has ever seen!

Catch them live and become a part of the Northern musical revolution, because The J Hawkins Band are here to stay, and they're taking the world by storm, one electrifying note at a time.